What is digital transformation?

The lion’s share of industries across the world now operate with a digital-first mindset, and the amount of data and digital outlets at our disposal is both vast and advantageous to future-first businesses.

But going digital isn't about tech alone. New products, services and communication platforms can bring tremendous improvement to your value chain, but those benefits will be lost in the process if cultural change doesn’t sit at the top of your to-do list.

Every project the PALO IT team is a part of, whether it incorporates operations, customer experience, or business models, leads the charge in this change.



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Virtualisation to remote working—a business plan for the future

The anatomy of digital transformation has its roots in governance and technology leadership. From information services, to mircroarchitecture, to DevOps and automation practices, having a clear course of action and a set of tools in place is the first step in shifting business operations towards shorter time to market, virtualisation, less manual and more automated processes, and a culture based on innovation.

While the tools form the “what”, vision and leadership form the “how” in digital transformation. PALO IT relies on the concept of servant leadership as the backbone for business culture. This creates an environment where teams are free to learn and more apt in applying long-term vision to daily work. In a world where ‘work from home’ is becoming the new norm, this is more crucial than ever.


Purpose-driven digital strategy

More and more, what motivates individuals is the ability to positively impact not just business, but the community and the world as a whole. PALO IT places this goal front and centre in every step of digital transformation.

From technology, to design, to leadership, being a purpose-driven organisation attracts forward-thinking talent, leads to more successful products and services that your team can get on board with, and serves the common purpose of benefiting our planet.

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Understanding DevOps

As a partnership between software development and IT operations teams, businesses that integrate DevOps deliver increased value, more responsiveness, and swift service delivery. 

The age-old, siloed approach to delivery has long expired in today’s market. While some teams are still grappling with conventional habit, DevOps aims to remove roadblocks by approaching culture, automation and platform design through a collaborative, team-focused environment.


Continuous integration and continuous delivery

The operating principle that raises the bar for DevOps teams is the CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration/continuous delivery), enabling teams to make code changes more reliably and more often.

That doesn’t mean working harder but smarter. The ultimate goal here is automated testing (through open-source systems like Kubernetes and SonarQube), moving your team away from manual time-killing procedures, towards high-level, business-focused decision making.

For a deeper understanding of DevOps strategy, CI/CD practices and more, check out our whitepaper on the subject—DevOps: The Business of Transformation.


Digital transformation across disciplines

UX & UI design

UX design is the backbone of digital experience. After all, it’s what users see and what customers experience. Strong design will help your product to stand up straight, and is a crucial component of any organisation undergoing full-scale digital transformation.

Learn more about UX & UI design →


Agile coaching and project management

Digital transformation is an undertaking of continuous change. Market conditions and customer needs are not static, and your transformation shouldn’t be either. An Agile approach empowers companies to measure progress and make real-time adjustments to their digital strategy, making change a routine practice, rather than circumstantial.

Learn more about Agile coaching and project management →


Web and app development

A strong, user-friendly application or web platform is the cornerstone of any organisation that makes digital a priority. From concept, to prototype, to full-fledged product, our team of developers works to yield innovative products—custom-made to grow along with their organisation long after we’ve hit the ‘live’ button.

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