Visionary Agile coaching

From small, co-located teams, to large, remotely located organisations, Agile methodology helps businesses adapt to change and bring out the best of your team’s capabilities.

Whether you’ve yet to have your first sprint, or you’re looking to further scale up, transforming into a truly Agile organisation occurs from the inside out. We offer initial training, more intensive workshops, and long-term journeys that build confidence and measure competence among internal teams.

From integrating Agile at scale into project workflows, to building remote work cultures across globally-distributed teams, our roster of ICAgile certified Coaches and certified Scrum Masters have run the gamut of project management. Our collaborations bear fruit long after the project's end date, ensuring mindset resonates through your managerial practices, teams, products and services.



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Concepts we integrate in our daily work

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Agile and Scrum Fundamentals

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Outside-the-box Agile methodology

What’s the strategy of your business model canvas? It more than likely incorporates work outside of IT. Indeed, building an Agile team is no longer bound to software development or Scrum Masters alone. Business cultures also are shifting through immersive formats like bespoke workshops and training sessions.

When it comes to execution, non-IT organisations are benefiting from the adoption of project management tools. Automation shouldn’t be reserved as a goal for web applications. Teams from marketing, HR, finance and beyond are streamlining processes and improving workflows through the lens of the Agile manifesto.

Agile across disciplines

Web and app development

The Agile method has changed the art of web and app development for the better, taking an iterative approach to constructing software in short ‘sprints’ rather than delivering the full product all at once. This process enhances team collaboration, and leads to faster time to market, reduced costs, lower risk, and more user-centric software. Sound like a win-win? The results show in our recent success stories.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an undertaking of continuous change. Market conditions and customer needs are not static, and your transformation shouldn’t be either. An Agile approach empowers companies to measure progress and make real-time adjustments to their digital strategy, making change a routine practice, rather than circumstantial.

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UX & UI Design

Design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about architecture and features, research and the customer journey, the decisions users make when interacting with your work. Like Agile, design is all about continuous improvement—getting your team out of the silo, interacting with other departments, and continuously building the best possible experience for users.

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