An all-in one ESG data platform to accelerate the delivery of ESG reporting 

The PALO IT Impact Tracker is a data-driven, customizable solution is designed to guide and facilitate growth-minded businesses in meeting goals for their triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

A one-stop-shop dashboard to support the analysis and forward movement of your sustainable transformation journey 

The Impact Tracker offers a holistic and configurable approach to help you navigate the complexities of sustainability. Our platform leverages the power of data-driven insights, enabling you to quickly assess your current ESG status and identify areas where you can take action - now.

By aligning with globally recognized frameworks—such as the UN's Sustainable Development Goals—we'll tailor a roadmap specifically for your organization's needs.

Esg data platform, carbon tracker, esg software

Working together, towards ESG goals

The best time to start was yesterday, and with our user-friendly interface and insightful upskilling resources, the Impact Tracker empowers your teams to engage proactively in sustainability initiatives. 

Whether it's understanding the broader scope of ESG beyond carbon emissions, or knowing where precisely you can make an impact, our platform provides the clarity and practical tools you need to make change a reality.

Esg data platform, carbon tracker, esg software

ESG data made simple

Our ESG reporting software ensures seamless integration with your existing ecosystem and offers compatibility with various reporting frameworks (ESRS, GRI, SASB, etc.). From capturing and structuring vast amounts of data, to generating comprehensive reports, we streamline the process, saving you time, effort and costs.

With mandatory ESG reporting becoming prevalent worldwide, our platform ensures compliance while minimizing manual work like duplicate data entry. We've worked with businesses across the globe to make this happen.

Esg data platform, carbon tracker, esg software


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