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Crafting tech as a force for good

We believe digitalization is key in building sustainable business models. It's achievable thanks data-driven strategies powered by exponential technologies like AI / Generative  AI.

We are a community of innovators, designers and technologists. With offices across five continents, we value multicultural teams and diverse perspectives.



40 nationalities


independently owned

0 debt



across 10 countries

Our values

Our values reflect our identity, support our vision, and shape our company culture.

We Care
We Share
We Act
We Deliver
We Choose
We Care
We Share
We Act
We Deliver
We Choose
We Care

about our world

We care about our people, clients and planet. We are committed to taking concrete actions for the greater good.

We Share

it's in our DNA

Knowledge is inexhaustible. We want to unleash the global creative genius. We believe in the power of collaboration and leading by influence.

We Act

with courage & kindness

We dare to pursue our ideas. We love critical thinking and problem-solving. We value innovators and doers. We treat everyone with kindness, and stand for what is right.

We Deliver


We are the blacksmiths of our time. We aim to exceed expectations in everything we create. We are happiness- and business value-driven.

We Choose


We choose to approach our professional and personal life with a solution-driven and positive mindset. We continuously strive to improve ourselves. We spread joy.


Our path forward

With 2025 as our horizon, we are taking action to meet the following objectives and key results.

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Inverting climate change isn’t just our priority, it’s a global priority. We are assessing our GHG footprint across our offices worldwide, and reducing our operation-related emissions. What can’t be avoided, we‘ll proactively offset. All that said, PALO IT will become a net-zero company by 2025.

What’s more, we are also helping our clients to shift towards net-zero through innovative tech solutions.

By 2025, we aim to make the majority of our revenue from projects that have a positive impact on our world. We will continue to pursue business development strategies and project opportunities, and upgrade our methods and delivery models to serve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As we gradually shift tech practices, we’ll be augmenting our offerings and capabilities inspired by the most sustainable standards on the market (Impact Design, Green IT, etc.). Further to that, we will always advise our clients to seek impact-driven solutions to future-proof their businesses.

We aim to train every individual across PALO IT on the current state of the world, the impact of tech and how the industry has a role to play. This means training, upskilling and enabling everyone on our team to monitor impact in their roles, as well as using toolkits and methodologies to deliver projects in a responsible manner.

We seek to construct a transparent, shared understanding of what’s at stake across every arm of our organisation, not just the ones that traditionally invite sustainable practices.

Obtaining B Corp certification is not for the faint of heart! It requires continuously challenging our practices and improving our ways of doing business with a purpose.

By 2025, we aim for every one of our 16 offices to be B Corp-certified . As we continue to grow, certification will be a crucial aspect of opening new offices in new locations in the future.

We've developed a “Happiness Index” for our teams around the world, custom-built to gauge their sentiment, and meet their expectations for happiness in the workplace. Using this tool, we strive to continuously measure and improve our team's happiness.

We also see diversity as a force for positivity. It’s no secret that the tech industry has long faltered on these matters, but we are committed to increasing a meaningful proportion of our team who identify as women among our ranks, especially at leadership levels.

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