Master data management and big data

Master Data Management (MDM) is a discipline which, at its core, is about business and IT teams working in harmony. Big data around products, customers, locations and assets are innumerable (that’s why they call it ‘big’!), and separate applications that cross between departments can very easily become fragmented.

Businesses who want to make better use of their data need, simply: accurate and timely info. This fluid data transformation and standardised data governance requires building a 360-degree view that unlocks deeper, easily accessible insight.



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Our core competencies

After MDM is in place, and we have the right tools and solutions at our disposal, our team of consultants and data analysts can advise our clients on the ongoing management of information as a resource.

Make no mistake, this resource is a competitive advantage. We’re entering a new era of data analytics, and innovative, industry-specific intelligence will shape the trajectory of your business long into the future. To read more on the subject of data strategy, check out our whitepaper on the subject - The Real Lingua Franca: Unlocking the Power of Data. Let’s start listening to our data signals, they can make all the difference.

Data architecture is the framework for managing data—the structure of the house, so to speak—and competitive businesses are looking to modernise.

Technical advancements like data lakes and intelligent analytics platforms have impacted the complexities of data architecture. This can either slow down an organization and impair progress, or supercharge a business’s capabilities.

To tap into this competitive advantage, companies need to define their data stacks, implement them into their plans, and integrate them accordingly. The end product is a company that’s prepped for digital transformation, and capable of leveraging AI to its full potential.

If data architecture is our house, than data science is our blueprint and machine learning is our set of tools.

Skilled data scientists are adept in programming, statistics, database architecture, and data communication methods like IoT. They can tap into these components to derive more insight from data than ever before.

Machine learning is also a powerful tool for a new generation, capable of solving labor-intensive problems with autonomous solutions, and making predictions and business decisions about complex subjects in a reliable and ultra-efficient way.

Access to data is all well and good, but if we can’t read what we’ve compiled, how can we make use of it?

Data visualization ensures a clear picture of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you can go as an organization. Think tables, charts, infographics and animations, all custom-built for analysis and evaluation.

Our team of experts are well-versed in piecing together your own unique ‘data narrative’, enabling impactful stories and data-driven decisions that work as common ground for understanding data across all stakeholders in an organisation.

Data across industries

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Banking & Finance

All financial institutions and banks create, allocate and store data. Our goal is to help them develop deeper business insights and operate more efficiently, whether that’s for process optimization, security operations or personal banking.

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With new data pouring into insurance companies from an array of different sources, businesses should have every tool at their disposal to judge risk, set reasonable prices, and provide protection to their customer base.

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Energy, Industrial Products & Construction

On the back of advanced data analytics, energy and industrial companies can be afforded insight into managing energy sources, streamlining operations and fine-tuning their management efforts. 

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Automotive & Transport

With embedded software, IoT and a growing demand for data processing, the auto industry is going through a sea change when it comes to data management. We work with clients to build intelligent and better-connected solutions to support data transformation.

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Telecoms & Media

The telecoms and media industries have to grapple with a massive amount of data sources and formats, and an often unstructured approach to understanding this data. Our team guides forward-looking clients to leverage analytics and evolve in parallel with consumers.

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Retail, Luxury and F&B

Data sits at the bedrock for developing better experiences for retail, luxury and food & beverage businesses. From enhancing in-store trips, to fine-tuning loyalty programs, our team works with clients to improve every step of the customer journey.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Digital proliferation in healthcare has produced more and more data, making it easier to contribute to R&D, and improve security and compliance. We build integrated solutions for those on the precipice of change.

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Services & Tourism

As tourism and hospitality services start to again thrive across the world, the effective use of data will become increasingly important for businesses that seek to thrive in this new industry climate.

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Government & Public Services

Public institutions can universally do more to tap into their data resources. From compliance, to infrastructure, to unifying sources, our team is committed to delivering outcomes to organisations in need. 


Data across disciplines

Web and app development

Proper data management ensures that our websites and applications are following best practices and operating at maximum efficiency. While many businesses focus solely on infrastructure when they run into roadblocks, data management is a crucial component in ensuring customer- and employee-facing platforms are up to snuff.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just about tech, it’s about data. If you’re working with incorrect, incomplete or disconnected data, it won’t matter what innovation you try to put to work. Once you clean up, organize and process all the data sources at your disposal, you’ll have an engine for powering your business transformation.

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