Stress levels are on the rise for everyone. People who face financial, family, and health-related issues need even more emotional support. These pressures, of course, have been exacerbated by the restrictive measures and climate of uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

New services and programs have been created to assist those who wish to seek help. While current support systems are abundant, they are placed on various different sites and are not always easy to find, especially when one is under stress.

A comprehensive well-being solution for those in need


To empower people in managing their well-being—or finding help for someone in need—a singular, reliable source for carefully-curated resources is paramount.

PALO IT developed an integrated platform that brings together specialised services from trusted social and healthcare organisations, in partnership with the Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation, Singapore. From user experience and design, to implementation and testing, the team built this portal from the ground up within a quick one-month timeframe.

A comprehensive well-being solution for those in need

Outcomes—is a platform that directs people to relevant sites for care and support. It is based on their self-reported needs and emotional state. Notable features include:

  • A clinically validated self-assessment tool. The tool provides a set of recommended actions based on results. Individuals are referred along pathways of intervention, with easy access to self-help links and helplines for 24-hour emergency and suicide prevention.
  • A wide variety of resources, all consolidated in one place, with a portfolio of the latest resources for common challenges that cause stress, including: employment support, financial assistance, family and caregiving support, and health and fitness tips.

Customised and emerging resources will be released over time to meet growing needs, with a specific focus on youth, seniors, and healthcare workers. An emotionally-intelligent mental wellness app will also be deployed.

A clinically validated self-assessment tool
“PALO IT understood our needs and complex requirements well. The team displayed good professionalism and skills in working with us to create a product which we are proud of.”



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