Our client, one of the world's leading insurers, faced the challenge of modernizing its legacy BRMS system to automate and streamline the business decision-making process in policy underwriting. The goal was to thoroughly understand the functionalities, dependencies, and limitations of this system to modernize it, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate acceptance or rejection in the underwriting stage

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PALO IT designed the new system with a modern software architecture, an attractive user Interface, and a comprehensive strategy for data and system integration. For code generation and migration, the team strategically incorporated PALO GPT, our custom-built Generative AI tool, to boost productivity and accelerate code creation.

Data migration was carried out with precision, including transformation and cleaning to ensure compatibility. Parallel implementation allowed real-world testing, ensuring the functionality of the modernized rules engine. Finally, we trained end-users and provided documentation and technical support to facilitate the adaptation and use of the new rules management system.

Ilustration of the team working on the BRMS System Solution


By leveraging Agile ways of working and DevOps methodology, the project spurred positive and sustainable change for one of the world's largest insurance brands, improving both operational efficiency and customer experience.

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