The F&B industry is facing a potential crisis. As one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, coffee is in danger of becoming extinct. Studies have shown that climatic events will halve global coffee production by 2050, while the booming demand for coffee means that farmers around the world are threatened with even greater inequities. Across the value chain, there is a need to look for more sustainable avenues for production to address growing economic imbalances and lengthen the runway of coffee as an agricultural product.

As a home-grown specialty coffee company and the first certified B Corp in Singapore (one of only 13), Bettr Group is igniting social and environmental change by empowering consumers to start making more responsible purchase decisions, where ethics and accountability are top-of-mind, from farm to counter to cup.



The COVID-19 pandemic forced Bettr to reevaluate the retail arm of their business model, which was mainly operating exclusively in workplaces and office communities. To achieve financial sustainability and provide inclusive job creation at scale for the young members of Bettr’s coffee education program, an accelerated digitalisation plan was critical.

Bettr also sought to bring on a technology and design partner aligned with their values, a certified B Corporation to co-create the group’s journey with them and develop solutions with a holistic consideration of impact in mind. That’s where PALO IT came in - we  worked with Bettr to articulate their vision and transform their ideas into a reality.



Leveraging tech for good solutions as a blueprint, PALO IT facilitated the project from the onset. The team closely collaborated to map out the Bettr ecosystem across the value chain, leveraging on opportunities today and tomorrow. The engagement also resulted in:

  • The development and delivery of an MVP for the Bettr Cloud Bar, a user-centric and tech-driven coffee subscription and delivery service. User stories and an open system architecture served as the foundations for this project, allowing it to grow at scale. 
  • Strengthened internal capabilities, with the Bettr team learning Agile methodologies and Design Thinking approaches that they could incorporate into new initiatives along their journey towards positive impact

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"As a tech company that understands how tech can be used as a force for good, PALO IT proved to be the right partner to help us redefine the coffee value chain and augment it with tech. They were able to understand our perspective as an impact-driven business and take into consideration those aspects while we were working on solutions. That is something not easy to find. "



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