When you think 'Agile', your mind goes to IT and developments teams, but many forget that Agile ways of working started in manufacturing, and it's high time they make a full-scale comeback to the sector.

Nicomatic is an international industrial company that develops, industrialises, and sells connectors manufactured for severe or sensitive environments: space, defense, civil aviation, and medicine, to name a few. As an industry stalwart, Nicomatic has 30 years of experience working hand-in-hand with the world of IT which, in parallel, has integrated new, Agile ways of working that are more and more relevant to those in the  manufacturing space.

Nicomatic connecteurs


Operating in a market that's increasingly digitalised, the fit between Nicomatic and PALO IT made perfect sense. Through co-innovation, our teams sought to build new technologies for Nicomatic's internal team and clients alike.

The other, all-important component of the project was impact. While the manufacturing sector has not always been a trailblazer in terms of sustainability, that norm is changing, fast. PALO IT worked with Nicomatic to collectively build a solution that positively impacts both the business bottom line, and our world.



Rethinking Nicomatic's IT system was step one in the project's process, but developing new, groundbreaking answers to age-old problems became the boon of the work being done. 

  • The reimagined Nicomatic customer experience portal, allowing the team to better collaborate with customers and understand their needs, while personalising the user journey for optimum outcomes.
  • A blockchain
  • A data platform to reference, identify and trace products that Nicomatic markets through its various distribution channels. This platform allows its Nicomaticians to create dashboards of piloting in factories.

Along the way, the PALO IT team ensured the skills and knowledge necessary to upkeep solutions long into the future was disseminated to the Nicomatic team. 

These various solutions have enabled Nicomatic to increase its employees' skills on data, DevOps or IS architecture stakes and are now helping to lead Nicomatic towards new opportunities to develop further blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.

« I needed a partner with whom we would think about the future, first of all the Nicomatic Information System and a partner who helps me integrate the world of new technologies, such as blockchain or cryptocurrencies, in the context of an industrial company that had an IS of about thirty years. PALO IT has been able to meet our needs by putting itself at our level and by co-building with us, in this spirit of open innovation, solutions to accelerate our digital transformation. »
Catherine Guillet Nicomatic

Catherine Guillet

Digital Transformation Director, Nicomatic

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