Understanding DevOps

As a partnership between software development and IT operations teams, businesses that integrate DevOps deliver increased value, more responsiveness, and swift service delivery. 

The age-old, siloed approach to delivery has long expired in today’s market. While some teams are still grappling with conventional habit, DevOps aims to remove roadblocks by approaching culture, automation and platform design through a collaborative, team-focused environment.




Continuous integration and continuous delivery

The operating principle that raises the bar for DevOps teams is the CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration/continuous delivery), enabling teams to make code changes more reliably and more often.

That doesn’t mean working harder but smarter. The ultimate goal here is automated testing (through open-source systems like Kubernetes and SonarQube), moving your team away from manual time-killing procedures, towards high-level, business-focused decision making.

For a deeper understanding of DevOps strategy, CI/CD practices and more, check out our whitepaper on the subject—DevOps: The Business of Transformation.


DevOps across disciplines

Agile coaching and project management

DevOps is, at its core, an Agile methodology, and our DevOps Coaches are well-versed in helping organisations make the shift to more Agile ways of working.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is, much like the CI/CD pipeline, an undertaking of continuous change. Market conditions and customer needs are not static, and your transformation shouldn’t be either. An Agile approach empowers companies to measure progress and make real-time adjustments to their digital strategy, making change a routine practice, rather than circumstantial.

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Web and app development

When development teams truly start to integrate DevOps practices, it enhances team collaboration, and leads to faster time to market, reduced costs, lower risk, and more user-centric software. Sound like a win-win? The results show in our recent success stories.

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