PALO IT was engaged by a renowned French luxury retail organisation to swiftly evaluate the carbon footprint of its in-house digital solution employed by 5,000 internal users spread across 450 stores in 10 countries. The team also conducted an evaluation of the client development team's ESG practices. Out streamlined solution allowed our client to kickstart their sustainability journey quickly and efficiently.

The outcome of the engagement was a well-structured, 360° analysis of client data—including 3 tons of CO2 emissions—spread across 500 unique criteria, and an actionable roadmap for the company's ongoing sustainability journey, encompassing carbon budget and impact enhancements aligned with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.



The team utilised the PALO IT Impact Tracker, a customisable and data-driven ESG reporting platform powered by AI, featuring four modules: carbon footprint data tracking, a UN SDGs dashboard, systemic sustainability awareness upskilling, and a practical action plan for change.

For carbon footprint estimation, the team monitored user activity within the digital solution, resulting in a carbon reduction and ROI forecast. PALO IT also conducted an audit of team practices for ESG enhancement and further sustainability training, analysing improvement scenarios and creating a recommended action plan.

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Our comprehensive solution began with a thorough 3 week assessment, where we seamlessly integrated our technology and conducted a 360° data analysis. From there, we built a tailored recommendation plan to ensure success. Over the course of the project, we tracked 3 tons of CO2 emissions and analysed 500 unique criteria across 9 dimensions, all organised into 8 distinct categories.

Looking ahead, our client has the tools, data, and tailor-made action plan at their disposal to take the necessary next steps towards change, bringing positive advancement to both environmental impact and business ROI.

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"Our organisation has a public commitment to ESG, but lacked the expertise to quantify opportunities for us to take action on. PALO IT has empowered us with insight into our operations and provided recommendations which help us to make decisions that will have a real impact."
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Head of Mobile Applications, APAC

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