Up Sí Vale México specialises in running voucher and card schemes that allow companies to better control their employees' expenses such as fuel and food purchases, travel expenses and car rental, while reducing fraud and limiting employee purchases to approved items or defined spending limits.

Up Sí Vale México specialises


Up Sí Vale México needed to revamp its company fleet fuel-purchasing platform, Inteligas, to offer better spending controls for customers. The solution had to be developed within the existing Up Sí Vale ecosystem for mobile users, with a scalable architecture and extensible design that easily allows new functionality editions in future versions.

Up Sí Vale México


A single application with multiple functions including:

  • A scalable architecture and extensible application that allowed new features to be rolled out every two weeks
  • Tech Stack: Java, Postgres, Nginx, AWS, Firebase, iOS and Android
  • Methodologies: Lean Startup, Scrum and Test Driven Development
  • Innovation Week Magazine selected Up Sí Vale México as one of the top fifty most innovative companies on the back of the Inteligas application development.
"Inteligas is a new app for smarter company operations, more agile processes, and a better user experience at each charge."
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Building a sourcing and quoting platform from the ground up

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