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Scaling a grassroots platform to connect recyclers to reliable sources and buyers


Companies are shifting to more cost-effective, efficient and socially responsible practices for managing waste disposal. Long story short, a truly circular economy is no longer a pipe dream. Reducing costs, ameliorating CO2 emissions, and turning resources into revenue are now goals that are inherently connected, but where to start?

ASPIRE works as the linchpin for these goals. A grassroots portal connecting recyclers to reliable sources and buyers, the platform empowers users to exchange waste as a resource. As a certified B Corporation—and an Australian start-up—the group aimed for new heights in 2020. Namely, expansion into Asia.

As a fellow B Corp, ASPIRE approached PALO IT to help in this venture. With a development team based in Australia, the business was facing unique challenges in both scaling their global business and seamlessly integrating their brand into a new market.

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The ASPIRE creed is simply about doing more with less. That spirit informed the project as a whole, as the PALO IT team worked to kick manual processes to the curb and automate the business' expansion.

Through one-week sprints over a four-month time period, the team progressively deployed new automation technology, leading to less time spent on manual admin, and more time matchmaking among their 500+ company user base.

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At the project's conclusion, ASPIRE had transitioned from an unknown time frame, to a one-hour average for configuring a new development environment for a new locale (starting with Hong Kong).

The PALO IT team standardised best practices for security and ease of deployment in current and future markets, and defined a bespoke roadmap for further scaling business, reach and impact long into the future.

Interested in automating your own processes to save time and manpower? Get in touch with our team to learn more about what's possible...

"Launching into our first international market was no easy task. PALO IT helped us streamline our tech processes, setting the foundation for us to scale up as we continue to open in new markets."
Cameron McKenzie

Cameron McKenzie

CEO, Aspire PL

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