Discover prototypes that can
#OpenNewWorlds of growth for a more human future.

Can businesses become carbon tech enabled?

Today, we have carbon offsetting. Tomorrow, it will be about building carbon tech into your systems as an essential, not an afterthought. Discover how our technology behind Climate Impact X, Carbon Impact Tracker has empowered businesses to craft sustainable value chains with cutting-edge solutions that cover the full range.

Can businesses be a platform for carbon reduction?

Can blockchain unlock new prosperity?

If wine and art can be digitized for investment, then bonds, cars, and livestock can be too. Discover how our collaboration with Arkadia is paving the way for more investment liquidity


Can Gen AI supercharge digital product launches?

Customers' expectations are setting the pace for digital products. Uncover fine-tuned AI solutions that allow development teams to lead the charge.


Can businesses grow with less risk?

Businesses grapple with compliance challenges daily, from hiring to contracts. Dive into our automated regulatory analysis prototype that redefines risk management for global business compliance.


Open New Worlds Together.

PALO IT's annual Innovation Lab Crawl showcases the power of emerging tech and generative AI to tackle global challenges.

Collaborating with partners, we focus on issues in ecology, commerce, society, technology, and public service, seeking innovative solutions for a sustainable and resilient future.


Future makers gather here.

Last year, PALO IT hosted more than 200 innovators

from over 50 organizations.

Head of Innovation

Data Scientists

Head of Ventures

Senior Tech Advisors

Chief Executive Officers

Chief Technology Officers

Chief Operations Officers

VP Sustainability

Product Leads

Program Directors

Partnership Directors

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2022 Lab Crawl Highlights
As featured on CNA

Be Part Of Our Lab Crawl

Programme highlights

  • Discover prototypes reshaping how we work, play, and prosper:

    • Advanced engineering for faster digital launches
    • Smart regulatory automation for swift compliance
    • Tokenised real-world assets for  new investment horizons, and more

  • Craft a unique LinkedIn URL using our Gen AI tool.

  • Interact with top minds on DevSecOps, Innovation, Gen AI, Blockchain, and Sustainability.

  • Network with industry peers over relaxed chats, snacks, and drinks!

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