The circular economic model is getting a foothold across several different industries. In short, it ensures resources are no longer wasted, and considerable effort is put into product efficiency. This has powerful implications for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, and the product lifecycle. 

After making a name for itself on the market for giving smartphones a second life, Recommerce was aiming to create a digital platform for retailers to accelerate the reuse of all products, beyond electronics.  

Enter CircularX, a SaaS solution for retailers whose traditional business model wasn’t circular. 

recommerce, circular economy, digital transformation, product refurbishment model


The PALO IT team was brought on board to develop a B2B tool capable of managing logistics, product assessment and validation, and catalogue management. The team also worked to create a B2C platform for the end customer, who was primarily using the platform to submit products for refurbishment and reselling.  

Ultimately, the team needed a web tool for individuals, and a logistics tool for retailers, both of which would address the full Recommerce value chain. 


After the development periodCircularX hit the ground running, becoming the first SaaS solution allowing customers of Leroy Merlin, Boulanger, and many more to come, to easily resell their products.

Interested in building your own unique digital experience? Drop our team a note to learn more about what's possible.

recommerce, circular economy, digital transformation, product refurbishment app
"Beyond their great technical expertise in developing CircularX, PALO IT's teams are truly driven by the project, and aware of the massive impact of reuse to build a more sustainable world!"
Antoine Bagur, recommerce, circularx

Antoine Bagur

Founder, CircularX by Recommerce

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