A new era of ESG in the US

Maximising profit can no longer be the sole goal of future-focused organisations. Our world is facing global and systemic challenges, and in response, our industry is transitioning towards a more sustainable framework, focused on environmental, social and corporate governance.

It might go without saying, but the notion of ‘tech for good’ is no longer a niche activity. It serves as the core function for many organisations, including ourselves.

Technology itself acts as a crucial tool in facilitating, accelerating and supporting the people who seek to make a positive impact. Our PALO IT USA team—from project inception to delivery—work towards this end.


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Tech for good across disciplines

Impact design

UX and UI design shape the behavior and daily habits of millions of people in the United States, and those actions can have drastic effects on our environment. By implementing sustainable thinking into our product designs, we give users the opportunity to positively impact the world. From applications for agritech to waste management, our US team jumps at the chance to head these projects.

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Sustainable IT

You can’t have excellent front-end without strong back-end. Our team of designers work hand-in-hand with our full stack developers to ensure technology is benefiting the wellbeing of the user, the community it’s a part of, and the world as a whole. The implications of sustainable IT on US companies and international businesses alike are vast, and we embrace it at every level of work we do.

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Agile coaching and project management

Sustainability has always been a crucial component of the Agile mindset. The methodology is all about working smarter, not harder, and that attitude touches the people, products and organisations who adopt it. We head projects that embrace Agile for the sustainable ethos that it truly is.

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Digital transformation

The ‘tech for good’ mindset is paramount for any US organisation undergoing digital transformation. Our team works to assess where you are, finds opportunities for improvement, and begins dispersing best practices across your organisation.

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