A 360° ESG reporting tool for US businesses

The PALO IT Impact Tracker is an open-source, customisable solution for growth-minded businesses who seek to progressively transform towards more sustainable business models.

Carbon accounting

Sustainability assessment and reporting on ESG metrics means first getting a handle on carbon emissions. A key module of the Impact Tracker is carbon accounting, which drives you to estimate the footprint of your company and/or department. 

Using standardised emission factors and based on the world’s most widely used GHG protocols, the Impact Tracker gives a comprehensive map of your carbon footprint distribution, with actionable reduction scenarios. 

We've worked with businesses across the globe to make this a reality.

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Working towards SDG goals

The SDG dashboard module gives businesses an overhead view to work towards the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. First, the platform maps the contributions of each component of your IT infrastructure to each goal.  

Beyond IT, the Impact Tracker measures people, process, and financial data to assess where your business is making an impact in connection with the UN SDGs. The dashboard is fully-charted map of your SDG footprint, so you know where you’re having success, where you’re making progress, where you can take action to improve.  

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Sustainability training

To analyse and act on sustainability, businesses first must understand their purpose. The sustainability upskilling module helps build systemic awareness into skillsets, and cement strong values in company cultures.

We’ve gamified this component of the Impact Tracker to engage teams, follow up on progress, and measure and improve skillsets. As you learn, the Impact Tracker charts your educational journey, forming a full picture of sustainability awareness across your organisation. 

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Taking action on sustainable development

Once we have data around people, processes, finance and carbon footprint under our wing – what can we do with these insights?

A crucial component of the Impact Tracker is our Action Plan, crafted to allow businesses, teams and individuals to take meaningful steps towards change, with clear goals and outcomes visible front and centre in your tailormade dashboard. 

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