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Our philosophy

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Focus on positive impact


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Be conscious of cost


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Embrace emerging technology
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Enhance our mindset and skillset


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Explore cost effective alternatives for our clients

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Accelerate our client's time to market for new products

Our approach & governance

Underpinned by a collective vision, strong team organisation and planning flexibility, we approach each lab project drawing from the diverse experience of technologists, designers and marketing specialists.  

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Focusing on positive impact

Traditional innovation labs solve business-centric problems and are mostly revenue-driven. We focus primarily on inclusive, impact-driven projects with transformative outcomes. A package consisting of prototypes, open-source code, documentation and research is made available to the community during each iteration.

Our strong commitment to achieving a circular economy also ensures we are continuously refining our practices and experimenting with new applications. Through a holistic lens, we leverage human-centered and data-driven insights and turn them into opportunities to build the sustainable technologies of the future.

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Our insights

We've published and shared research papers written by industry experts and thought leaders.

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Let's change the world together!

Tap into our award-winning and cross-functional expertise to accelerate the realisation of your problem statements, today. For guided lab visits, partnerships or incubation and acceleration opportunities - get in touch with us!

Tech for good across disciplines

Impact design

UX and UI design shape the behavior and daily habits of millions of people, and those actions can have drastic effects on our environment. By implementing sustainable thinking into our product designs, we give users the opportunity to positively impact the world. From applications for agritech to waste management, our team jumps at the chance to head these projects.

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Sustainable IT

You can’t have excellent front-end without strong back-end. Our team of designers work hand-in-hand with our full stack developers to ensure technology is benefiting the wellbeing of the user, the community it’s a part of, and the world as a whole. The implications of sustainable IT are vast, and we embrace it at every level of work we do at the Innovation Lab and elsewhere.

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Agile coaching and project management

The Agile mindset has always been a crucial component of our Innovation Lab. The methodology is all about working smarter, not harder, and that attitude touches the people, products and organisations who adopt it. We head projects that embrace Agile for the sustainable ethos that it truly is.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation sits at the heart of our Innovation Lab and our client projects alike. Our team works to assess where you are, finds opportunities for improvement, and begins dispersing best practices across your organisation.

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Our achievements

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