As a trailblazing business in the fashion and cosmetics sector, Concept4 designs, develops and sources high-quality products under the lens of sustainability.

The team approached PALO IT with the goal of validating and developing an end-to-end web platform to streamline business processes: from sourcing suppliers, to sorting factory prices, to designing and manufacturing products, and finally pricing the fruits of their labour.



Two arms of the project took precedence—design and development. Through co-creation sessions, interviews with relevant stakeholders across Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dongguan, and workshops with distinct business units, the team drew a nuanced understanding of what a pragmatic, fine-tuned platform should incorporate. 

Following was a prototyped, fully-testable MVP focused on both price quotation and product life cycles. This platform was unlike any ‘off-the-shelf’ solution and customised for the business’ unique market position and internal workflows.

Building a sourcing and quoting platform from the ground up


  • A fully functional internal system that can: manage products, quickly and easily sort inventory, field client requests and record business transactions.
  • A sourcing and quoting web platform that not only works in the now, but also serves as the backbone of Concept4’s digital transformation, built to scale along with the organisation’s ERP, customer facing application and auditing platform.
  • Company-wide alignment in terms of goals and business trajectory, and simplified internal team communications. This undertaking was facilitated in part through progressive onboarding of staff onto the new tool, and eventually further simplified through manual process automation.
“At Concept 4 we value inspiration from our surroundings, enjoy the power of debate, and love to create a mess and arrange it later. The PALO IT team helped us to do these things better, and made sure we were creating value to support our ambitions.”



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Implementando Agile a escala en flujos de trabajo

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