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Appysport is a Hong Kong-based company that uses tech to help sports lovers rent equipment and book activities on-demand. Regarded as the Airbnb for tennis and water sports, their web platform serves as both an online marketplace for users, and a monetisation opportunity for owners and operators.



Appysport sought to test further market levers in opening private facilities to all sports lovers in Hong Kong.

After in-depth user research exploring challenges coaches, hobbyists and owners faced, it became clear that opportunities were vast. While private spaces and equipment might otherwise be gathering dust, Appysport gave owners and coaches an online side hustle!

With this demographic in mind, PALO IT’s design team prototyped a new feature—dubbed Appyhost—along with a brand new user journey.



  • A revamped website and UX/UI that fits users’ wants and needs.
  • Appyhost - a newly designed experience targeted at attracting audiences—with easy access to tennis courts—to become hosts.
  • A redirected industry focus, and a fresh business model on which to build.
revamped website and UX/UI
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An easy-access platform to care for terminally ill patients

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