Green IT—the future of sustainable information technology

Green IT is about measuring and optimising the environmental footprint of your IT systems, from building energy-efficient cleantech products, to choosing a sustainable Cloud, to embracing open source for democratic progress in the IT realm.

Enacting impactful, cost-conscious green IT in your overall ESG performance is all about the framework you adopt, and the metrics used to measure and manage change. For PALO IT Hong Kong, this applies to both external projects and internal benchmarks. We pay specific attention to the equipment lifecycle, end user computing, enterprise & data centre, and ICT as a low-carbon enabler. 

While technology is certainly the means to an end of this blueprint, attitude, policy and practice form the foundation of progress. After all, the end goal isn’t a single product or platform, but a culture of sustainability across an organisation.


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Green IT across disciplines

Impact design

UX and UI design shape the behavior and daily habits of millions of people, and those actions affect our environment. By implementing sustainable thinking into our product designs, we give users the opportunity to positively impact the world, from applications for agritech, to waste management, and much more.

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Agile coaching and project management

Sustainability has always been a crucial component of the Agile mindset. The methodology is all about working smarter, not harder, and that attitude touches the people, products and organisations who adopt it.

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Digital transformation

Green IT is the bread and butter of large-scale transformation. Our team works to assess where you are, finds opportunities for improvement, and begins dispersing best practices across your organisation.

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