Our expertise

Our approach

We work with Fortune1000s, SMEs and start-ups alike to rapidly turn new ideas and business models into digital products and services that provide both business value and positive impact​.

We also transform Hong Kong organisations and their technology capabilities, inspiring their people to embrace Agile ways of working to become more resilient and scalable.


Innovate & Build

From research, to MVP development, to product launch, we work with clients to shape impactful, best-in-class digital products.


MVP Development

Product Launch

  • Product and portfolio strategy ​
  • Performance and security​
  • Data analytics​
  • Site reliability engineering​
  • ESG KPIs
We supercharge organisations

Scale & Transform

We shape Agile business models, technical capabilities, and long-term goals that foster social and environmental change.

Architecture, Factories & Tools

  • DevOps & DevSecOps
  • Innovation Labs
  • Cloud migration
  • Data-oriented and microservices architecture, APIs
  • Legacy decommissioning
  • Big data, Machine learning & AI
  • Blockchain, IoT
  • Mobile

Governance & Organisation

People & Culture

How can we help you achieve your goals?


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